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Milenko Zeko

As a poet would say, I am a Zeko (bunny) – affectionately called Miljenko (play on words – miljenik in Croatian is a person who is very dear to you and a person you favor above other people), but seriously and domestically happy – father of two precious creatures, daughter Martina and son Filip, husband of Vlasta – the best wife in the world. Here’s to you!

Gallery VOJIN PERIĆ: Čovječja ribica - Milenko Zeko IVO ANDRIĆ: Prokleta avlija - Milenko Zeko, Igor Kučević PETRA RADIN: Jučer sam se sjetio plave - Dajana Biondić, Milenko Zeko

I have been infected with theatre for the last 25 years and I have learned to accept the changes in habits, relationships and gender. I play whatever is playful, I play whatever is turned into music, I sing everything if it is made for friends.

One more thing! I was born in the country of sevdah, slivovitz and “ćevap” – just so you know if you ever wish to invite me to your home. I love you – whoever you are!