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Suzana Bliznac

June 20, 1985 – I did not really have a chance to see the world, but I could visualize it through my emotions. I could not imagine all the things that were waiting to happen…But I have always known that I will learn to love that life, no matter what.

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My family helped me to believe: my father, my mother, my sister and two brothers. My life story began in 2 countries – Bosnia and Hercegovina and Croatia. There I found my refuge, since my early childhood to this very day.

Welcome to my present world!
Study of journalism, stage and books…they are my light…They say happiness is found in little things…I also think so…I know so. There are some things that make me really happy. I could sing all the time…it is the best way to brighten a day. I do not see it, but I love the world. I am ready for every new hour. To fly…to be free.

Here are some “serious” actions that my “I” undertook: taking part in plays made according to the standards of the Theatre of the Oppressed ( the Boal theatre), working on the project “I listen, therefore I see” (cinema screening for the blind), playing a part in a play “Charlie the Circus Elephant”, etc.

I am fascinated by smells. Nice smell means security, compensation for what we do not have. 

I was not made for sitting down. I do not shut myself in the room and wait. My walls are everywhere. It is the field of my life. Face expression tells much about a person – smile, please! When I feel like it, I can imagine everything being pink. I can feel the freshness of color green…and all other colors of the rainbow. My life is colored, but only I know what that looks like. I touch the letters and stretch my arms out toward the world. That is how I meet people and that is how I travel. From the moment I knew who I was.

I am happy to be ME.