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About the Theatre

We started to tell and shape our story using the words and gestures of our predecessors in the year 1948. To this day, we set up and performed in over 3550 plays and about 110 premiers.


Mission of the Theatrical Company “New Life” is to break prejudices against blind and visually impaired people and to raise public awareness about the possibilities and artistic creations of blind and visually impaired people. This includes their active participation in the public and cultural life of Croatia through the serious involvement in theatrical arts, as well as active participation in the open cultural market.


Our vison is to become an institutionalized theatre of blind and visually impaired people, to be regularly present and seen on the cultural map of Croatia, to be needed by the audience and to be intriguing and inspirational to the media.

Our vision is to live in the society where being blind doesn’t mean to be inferior, it means to be different.


Values of the Theatrical Company are based on those primordial, but also contemporary values:

  •  respect for human rights;
  •  tolerance and appreciation of diversity;
  •  equity;
  •  publicity of action;
  •  information;
  •  equal opportunities;
  •  cooperation and responsibility of all stakeholders in the development of society;
  •  non-violence

But also on those artistically specific:

  •  right to artistic creation;
  •  freedom of expression;
  •  freedom of appearance;
  •  equality despite disability.