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Ružica Domić - Lalović

I was born on January 26, 1982 in the city where the best Bosnian “ćepavi” are made, which means I was born in Travnik. I say I was only born so I do not remember my first look through the hospital window because babies do not remember – they do not care. I came to Zagreb in 1994, wounded by war, searching for gold, the gold that is found in the soul, of course, the gold that turns the bud of children’s limited reality into the blooming bouquet of flowers.

Gallery J.B.P. MOLIÈRE: Škrtac - Anita Matković, Ružica Domić-Lalović, Matija Major IVO ANDRIĆ: Prokleta avlija - Ružica Domić-Lalović FRANZ KAFKA: Proces - Ružica Domić-Lalović

Zagreb became my home, my only hope, my light at the end of the tunnel, a wake-up call for all my sleeping desires.

In 2000 I warmed my freezing hands near the theater fire which was lit by “King Gordogain” and that flame completely changed my life – it made it fuller and framed it with illusion.

I would like to stay on the stage, I would like to love and cry, put my hands around the joy of my theater friends and disappear in that kinship, into the light only few can see.